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"Training & Development results in relatively permanent change in the knowledge, skills & attitude" .
-Thomas Cavanagh

Every coin has two sides. Likewise we, humans tend to add inputs from Emotional and Rational side. Be it in Career, Social context or even in day to day routine work. We often got lost in Emotional hijacking. So, the Customised training courses not only assist to understand the in-depth meaning of personality but also guide to respond to the stimulus optimally.

Training Courses

Personal Adequency Skills

Aspect of Memory, Role of emotions and Motivation, Defense Mechanisms, Various aspects of personality & attitudes.

Interviewing Skills

Selection of proper candidate is a strategic process. It involves finding Individual differences, Assessment of Social skills by Group Discussion, Writing tailored Resume and responding to Structured & unstructured interview.

Presentation Skills

Meeting new people is an unfamiliar tasks for many of us. It involves Directing the Undivided attention of listener, Understanding Verbal and Non Verbal (Body language) communication, Mechanism of language learning etc.

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